A new community-made Portal game, in tribute to Valve's iconic series

Currently mid-development


Desolation is a brand-new, fan-made game that reinvigorates and expands upon the iconic gameplay and beloved universe of Valve's Portal series. Experience a full-length single-player campaign featuring hours of tightly-paced puzzle solving, driven by an epic new narrative.


Desolation takes everything you love about Portal to the next level. With two new testing elements at your disposal, puzzle your way through dozens of engaging test chambers packed with exhilarating feats and mind-bending solutions.

Each chamber is accompanied by dynamic music that adapts to your actions and changes as you play, reacting to your use of puzzle mechanics and evolving seamlessly to reward your progress.


Desolation runs on an in-house modified version of the Source Engine, newly upgraded to match modern-day standards. This includes a brand-new lighting/rendering system and a variety of new shaders that emphasize physicality and dynamism in lighting and materials.

Many assets from Portal 2 have been re-crafted from scratch with higher fidelity, and with great care placed into keeping them faithful to the originals.


Set many years after Portal 2, Desolation tells the story of a cybernetically-enhanced test subject named Diana Mendez. After sustaining injuries, Diana is fitted with Aperture's B.R.A.C.E. cybernetic system, featuring a suite of robotic upgrades including an integrated Portal Device.

When a relentless threat emerges, Diana must embark on a perilous journey that will see her uncover Aperture's mysterious past... and maybe even face her own.
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Stunning visuals, atmospheric music, and a gripping story combine to create a distinctive darker tone that enlivens Aperture Laboratories with a fresh sense of tension and mystery.

Meet new characters, face new dangers, and discover new locations in a meticulously crafted world brimming with atmosphere, intrigue, and humour.


“Desolation is a Portal 2 mod, though that descriptor really sells it short. It's closer to a full-blown, fan-made sequel to Valve's series.”

— Kotaku

“Portal 2: Desolation is an astoundingly impressive project driven by passionate fans who want to continue on in an adventure that so many of us have fallen in love with.”

— Game Informer

“An original story, characters and location for an ambitious sounding experience — exciting!”

— GamingOnLinux

“Portal 2: Desolation looks like the best opportunity to enjoy a deep and sophisticated Portal experience.”

— ScreenRant

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